When can I expect my preview?

Once you have registered with the received voucher code on shop.scanlounge.com

Will the 3D photo be immediately available in the webshop?

Not yet. This depends on two factors. Scanning is faster than converting the photos to a 3D model, the final takes approximately 10 minutes. You will receive the link within 24 hours after the scan is made.

What is a preview 3D photo?

The 3D booth takes at the same time hundreds of pictures of you. Through an internet connection this data will be loaded to a render program. By a quick processing is a first impression, in a lower resolution, made. This preview is put in the webshop ready after you have logged into our website. Making the 3D preview photo is fully automated and takes several minutes. When you order a 3D figurine, the photos are processed again, but now in high resolution and there’s a finishing touch by a 3D editor in order to deliver the printable files.

What can I do with the 3D preview?

On the 3D preview you can see yourself from all sides. Swipe and you can move yourself. The 3D preview, you can also share on social media, or send via the app or mail. Just copy the link.

My preview is not sharp/has holes or missing a limb. How can this be?

The preview is shown in a fast rendering with less cameras. In some cases it can happen that the preview is not completely sharp, or that there is even a hole visible or a hand or lower leg is missing. We are working hard on this improvement, however, it has no effect on the HR 3D photo or 3D figurine. If you would like to order 1 we make the HR 3D picture that is 100% sharp and good. This is an condition before we can print a figurine.

What does it mean to print on scale?

Printing on scale means that the tallest one, gets a bigger figurine than the one who is smaller. Ideal for a family, or with your group of friends.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We use Ideal, bank transfer, Paypal, Sofort by Mollie payments.

How does the 3D color printing work?

After making the scan in the 3D booth, the files are processed to a HR 3D picture. This file is printable and is sent to the color printer that builds up the figurine from a granular powder that is glued together – layer by layer, bottom to top. The final layers are with inktjet in color. When the figurine is ready, it will be removed, cleaned and for the firmness provided with a glue-or wax.

The unused powder can be reused and has worked during the printing process as supporting material.

Is it possible to reorder?

After the scan is made and you’ve got you're figurine, it's possible to reorder. We store the files so reorders can be done. Of course it’s possible to reorder a different format than your original order. On the bottom of the base plate of the figurine there’s a number, which corresponds with you in our system.

What is the delivery time?

The preview which is sent by email is fully automatic in low resolution rendered. Most often, the 3D preview is delivered within 24 hours. At the time you place an order the actual production process is getting started. The file is rendered in high resolution, then through a 3D specialist modified so it is suitable to print. After printing is finished, the figurine will be packed and we sent it to you, that will be submitted within 20 working days.

If I don’t like my figurine, can I return it?

No, that is not possible. Because it’s a personal, custom produced item.